How to create a staff survey that helps you to improve engagement

Most staff surveys can tell you how engaged people are, usually by using some variation on the ‘Gallup Q12’ questions (everybody always remembers that poignant one about whether you have a best friend at work, which should perhaps be the subject of another blog sometime).

Those are OK as far as they go, but if your figures are bad, or dropping, how do you reverse the trend?

Most of the companies who’ve tried to answer that question are organisational psychologists. Naturally, they tend to create psychological profiles of your organisation, measuring the ‘Big Five’ or OCEAN traits that define people’s personalities:

  • Openness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Extraversion
  • Agreeability
  • Neuroticism

This can be helpful in understanding the culture of your company, or even of sub-cultures within it. But knowing that your telemarketers are high-agreeability and low-openness doesn’t necessarily help you to engage them.

That’s where our tools come in. We define audiences not by their level of engagement or their psychology, but by the things that actually interest them.

We provide insights that other surveys can’t.

Think about it, if you’re going to get somebody’s full attention, would it help to know about their sense of humour? Their visual tastes? What things inspire them? What things they find useful?

That’s what we can tell you. We can create an engagement profile that measures the things that excite your employees. Then we can help you to make their jobs look more like that profile.

  • It might take a new enrichment programme that stimulates their hunger for Big Ideas
  • It might highlight the need for your CEO to be a little less serious from time to time
  • It could show you the ROI in redecorating your offices in a more creative way
  • Your pension scheme might get better uptake if it’s explained with a comic book

To find out more about the ways our Employee Engagement Survey could help you, contact us here.